ServiceMaster Diversity Statement

Inclusion inspires results.

At ServiceMaster, we are committed to fostering a culture where all employees are treated with respect and given an opportunity to contribute to our success. We encourage our employees to use their diversity of thought, experience, background and perspectives to instill trust and drive empowerment with each other, our franchisees and suppliers, and more importantly, our valued customers. Our culture of inclusion is about sparking innovation and transforming ServiceMaster into the leading provider of residential and commercial services.

Strengthening our business

At ServiceMaster, diversity and inclusion are integral parts of who we are and how we do business. Our diversity strengthens and empowers us, making us better able to serve each other, our customers and our communities.

Our Employee Resource Groups represent various cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, interests and orientations of our employees. These groups promote awareness, perspective and cooperation across all of our businesses and levels of the company, allowing our employees to assume responsibilities beyond their own jobs and develop important leadership skills, valuable experience and personal connections.

Each Employee Resource Group is open to all ServiceMaster employees, regardless of race, gender, religion or background. Our Employee Resource Groups include: