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Everyday Heroes, ServiceMaster Restore

Meet Everyday Hero who is “calm in the chaos”: Kara MacDonald


March 8, 2022


“Calm in the chaos” is how people describe Kara MacDonald of Anchorage, Alaska. For 14 years she, along with Rick Gerwin, has operated ServiceMaster Restore of Alaska, providing 24/7 disaster recovery and restoration services, and more recently, disinfecting services for COVID-19.

ServiceMaster Restore owner Kara MacDonald
Kara MacDonald is owner of ServiceMaster Restore of Alaska.

Kara’s background in construction, marketing and real estate, along with her commitment to “doing the right thing”, have served her well, earning her recognition from Women Entrepreneurs of Alaska and her local community.

This International Women’s Day, we caught up with Kara for her take on business, leadership and service to others as a ServiceMaster #EverydayHero.

Is there one thing you wish more people understood about being a woman in business?

“The challenges and fight are all worth it to help support and empower other women. Challenge yourself. Stand your ground. When you walk the walk, you will gain so much more respect.”

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever gotten?

“Be quick to fire and slow to hire.”

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments?

“Walking up to the president of a large company with over 6,000 contractors and asking for the business – then getting it!”

Do you have a big dream for your career?

“To continue to lead, be the industry expert and help those in need. And also showing my twin girls that you can do anything you put your mind to if you work hard and stay focused.”