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A Legacy of Love and Cleanliness: Mother-Daughter Duo’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Keeps Merry Maids Shining


May 8, 2024


Leading up to Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating our Merry Maids® franchisee, Jenny Litzelman, and her mother Denise.

In 1995, when she was just 11 years old, Jenny’s parents took the entrepreneurial leap and acquired their first Merry Maids franchise. Her professional journey within the company began in 2011 as an Office Assistant at their Charlotte office. The next year, however, brought a significant change; the unexpected passing of her father led to her becoming a co-owner with her mother, Denise. By 2019, with her mother’s retirement, she assumed the role of sole owner.

The partnership of running the business with her mother proved to be a remarkable experience. Despite the challenges often associated with family businesses, their collaboration thrived, driven by a shared ambition to succeed as a female-led enterprise and to honor her father’s legacy. This partnership enabled the business to grow and adapt over time, and her mother’s wisdom continues to be a guiding force.

This familial bond extends beyond business. Now a mother herself, Jenny finds the same support from her mother, who helps with her six-month-old daughter Phoebe. Her mother was also pivotal during her fertility treatments, a personal journey that coincided with the professional responsibility of managing the company.

Her decision to build a company alongside her parents stemmed from the closeness of her family. She was inspired by the positive impact her parents had on the lives of employees and clients. They didn’t just run a business; they uplifted people, enabling them to achieve significant life milestones. The services her family provided offered clients the invaluable gift of time, alleviating stress and enhancing their quality of life.

For Jenny, being a multi-generational business owner is synonymous with family. Her business is personal in every sense—her clients and staff are an extension of her family. She shares in their joys and sorrows, reinforcing the idea that business is inherently personal.

As for the future, it’s uncertain whether her daughter will join the business, but the legacy Jenny aspires to leave is one of integrity. She believes it’s possible to lead a profitable business with a generous spirit towards employees and clients alike. At its core, her business is about caring for people, with house cleaning being the medium through which she serves.

Happy Mother’s Day to Jenny and Denise!