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Going the Extra Mile: Adrian’s Signature Move Earns Hero of the Year Honors


April 22, 2024


In the heart of Chula Vista, California, Adrian Gallegos stands as a shining example of unwavering commitment. His journey with ServiceMaster® Restore began 17 years ago, but his loyalty has only grown stronger over time. It’s what makes him the recipient of the 2024 ServiceMaster Restore Hero of the Year award.

Adrian admits that he grew up in a rough neighborhood with a lot of gang related activity. Working at ServiceMaster Restore allowed him to put past struggles aside and build a rewarding career of helping others during some of their darkest times. Whether it’s restoring a fire-damaged home or mitigating water damage, he approaches each task with meticulous attention. Adrian doesn’t settle for “good enough.” He strives for excellence, knowing that every detail matters.

Adrian’s coworkers aren’t just faces in the hallway; they’re family. He knows their stories—the triumphs and the struggles. When a colleague faces a personal crisis, Adrian is there with a listening ear and a helping hand. In the bustling office, Adrian creates a sense of belonging that transcends the mundane.

“Winning the Hero of the Year award, to me, means everything.” said Adrian.

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