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Everyday Heroes, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

Three Veterans Finding a New Path Together


November 1, 2023


At ServiceMaster Brands, our mission is Making Everyday Heroes More Heroic™. That’s why we love featuring the bravest of everyday heroes: our military. We’re proud to support veterans and active-duty military members. In honor of Veterans Day, we’re highlighting the service members who belong to our team.

Eric Leggate, Jeremy Eide, and Darius Ray are an integral part of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK (TMT) location in Billings, Montana. Eric and Jeremy have been with TMT for 1 year and 7 months as General Manager and Sales Manager, respectively, while Darius joined in March 2023 as Operations Manager. The three of them have different military backgrounds. Eric has been an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician for the Montana Air National Guard since 2016; Jeremy was a Marine attached to the Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron from 1998 to 2002; and Darius was a 1N3 Cryptologic Linguist for the USAF.

Besides having different military backgrounds, the three men didn’t find TMT the same way. Eric found TMT after his deployment in 2021. Although he had a 10-year law enforcement background, he decided it was time to change his course to an entrepreneurial career. Jeremy came across TMT when he heard a veteran was starting a new franchise in Billings. “I saw a chance to get involved in an established company opening a new location, so I jumped right in,” Jeremy says. After not having much luck with his career exploration journey, Darius went to a job fair and was flagged down by Jeremy and Eric to work at TMT. He became excited to be a manager at TMT, especially beside two fellow veterans.

Working for the military is very different from being in the corporate world, but the Billings team still found compelling similarities between having a job there and at TMT. “The comradery and building your troops up with discipline and accountability is very similar to the military. Everyone craves a place to belong, feel like they are making a difference, and have fun,” Eric says. Darius explains there’s a group development between managers and employees, while Jeremy says everyone at TMT works as a team. This shows they agreed on some important points: comradery, a sense of belonging, and teamwork. It’s exciting that three of our nation’s heroes saw such great qualities in the TMT brand.

The Billings franchise team members have great things to say about their experience working at TMT. “I can’t think of a more accepting place to have a veteran work,” Eric describes. He clearly felt welcomed and respected at his workplace. Jeremy recommends a job at TMT to other veterans because they understand accountability and promote comradery. “It’s also the most fun career that I’ve had!” he adds. Darius believes other veterans should absolutely consider a career at TMT. “I feel like it is a smooth transition from most military careers,” he explains. The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team couldn’t be happier to know our three heroes enjoy their work.