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Everyday Heroes, ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean® father-son duo: Dave and Devin Moore


June 12, 2023


Meet ServiceMaster Clean® everyday hero: Dave Moore. Watching his father own and operate a ServiceMaster Clean® location, Dave fell in love with the business, which transcended into him purchasing his ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning franchise in 1985. Today, Dave owns his franchise alongside his son, Devin. Together, the two have worked to build a strong, successful business their families can be proud of.

In honor of Father’s Day, Dave shares what makes him proud to own a growing and thriving business together with his son.

Dave Moore – Father & Owner of ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning

What is it like to build a business with your son?

Working side-by-side with my son is something few fathers are fortunate enough to get to do. It is so rewarding to spend each day challenging each other to take the company to the next level. I always believed that in order to be successful I needed to surround myself with people who were smarter than me. In many ways, Devin fulfills this. And, trust is so important. I know I can trust Devin to do the right thing, even when it is hard, and to always speak the truth, especially to me.

Why did you decide to build a company alongside your son?

ServiceMaster has always been part of my life. My father was a franchise owner. The story goes that my father was reading the ServiceMaster Operations Manual at the time I was born (things were different in the 1960s). And, while I never truly got to work alongside my own dad in the business, that connection created a desire to work together as a family.

This company has blessed my family so much. I wanted to offer that same opportunity to my son. It is and always will be his choice on how long and how far he wants to take it. However, the one thing I know for certain is that together we have and will continue to build a business stronger and better than I ever could have done alone.

How has being a dad given you the skills to run your own business?

As a dad we can look in the eyes of our children, listen to what their words are really saying, and from that better understand their heart. We can choose to see the best in our children and build on that foundation to help them grow and develop. We can forgive them when they make mistakes, help them learn and help them grow, and show them they can choose to make good decisions and reap all of the rewards that come from that. These same things apply to our business, working with and managing the people. Employees and customers are what make us successful. And, when our people are successful, the business is successful.

What does it mean to you to be a multi-generational business owner?

To share and pass along the heritage and legacy of ServiceMaster is something I am proud to do. In business and in life one of our core foundations is the principle of Honoring God in all we do. While this can and for me does have a strong religious meaning, it also means something very simple. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Choose to make the right decisions. Don’t manipulate or rationalize what you know is right. If you do what is right, you will be blessed.

What legacy are you hoping to leave behind for your son/future generations?

I am proud to have two successful sons, both of whom have wonderful wives and tremendous children. ServiceMaster has always been a family to us. Some of our best vacations have even been with ServiceMaster business owners. I hope my family will remember those days where I worked long hours, and when I worked through challenging situations. I hope they see that with relentless perseverance all of those challenges could be overcome and the rewards for being consistent and faithful to God, family, and your work can be seen in the life of my wife and me, my children’s lives, and their children’s lives.

What about ServiceMaster Clean® made it the right company for you and your career?

The secrets to success in this business align with the very core of all of us who have built strong businesses. Deep down, we want to serve- serve customers, employees, friends, and families. We want to be excellent in what we do. And, at the same time, we are never satisfied or believe we have achieved excellence. Once we think we have arrived, we push ahead to that next level. When aligned personally and professionally, that makes for a strong and happy family and career.