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2022 Merry Maids® Hero of the Year: Chaun Smith


April 6, 2023


The Hero of the Year award recognizes a team member in a front-line or middle management position who embodies a strong commitment to service and who is considered a true role model among their teams.

Meet Merry Maid’s® 2022 Hero of the Year

Chaun Smith with the Merry Maids Leadership Team

Chaun Smith has been with Merry Maids® since 2002. Five children and several grandchildren later she embodies the spirit of Merry Maids®.  She is kind, hardworking, has integrity to the core and loves her customers.  She wears her quality like a badge of honor, and she is the Merry Maids® Napa location’s gold standard.

Chaun is the captain who gets assigned the more complex jobs because she handles the clients with care and respect, and they love her for it. Chaun’s schedule is almost always full and often overbooked. Asking her to pick a favorite client, is like watching her choose between her children. She embodies what Merry Maids® strives to be in the community: conscientious, hard-working, kind and full of grace.

Congratulations on being recognized as Merry Maids® 2022 Hero of the Year, Chaun!

Check out this video to learn more on why Chaun is our Merry Maid®’s Hero of the Year!