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ServiceMaster Clean® Celebrates Jennifer Hill: 2024 Hero of the Year Award Winner


April 11, 2024


At the heart of the ServiceMaster Clean franchise network is the spirit of service and inspiration, a spirit that is personified in the annual Hero of the Year Award. This prestigious accolade is reserved for those who not only excel in their duties but also uplift and inspire those around them. It’s a celebration of the heroes among us who go above and beyond, embodying the brand’s core values of care, service, delivery, and action.

This year, the spotlight shines brightly on Jennifer Hill, a dedicated member of the Monroe, Louisiana ServiceMaster Clean team for 17 years. Wendy Alexander, Jennifer’s boss, describes her as having a “servant’s heart,” and a commitment to her work that is unwavering. She pours her soul into every task, ensuring that no job is complete until it meets the highest standards of quality, no matter the time it demands. Her dedication is a testament to the brand’s current ethos of ‘We Care, We Serve, We Deliver, and We Do.’

However, Jennifer’s impact extends far beyond her professional achievements. Her open heart has touched the lives of the students she serves, offering support that ranges from a comforting shoulder to cry on to addressing their physical needs. Her ability to listen and provide help where it’s needed most has made her a beacon of hope and a true hero in the eyes of many.

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