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ROOFS AT RISK – ServiceMaster Restore Cautions Homeowners about ‘Ice Dams’


February 4, 2021


An image that shows water damage happening because of ice dams from melting snow. The dams hold back water which seeps into the roof.
(Graphic: Business Wire)

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rooftop snow can be bad news for homeowners. Melting snow that refreezes can form ice dams; frozen obstructions that block water from draining. Water collecting on roofs will often find its way into the structure, where it trickles into insulation, down wall spaces and into sheetrock, plaster and wood. 

“Water damage itself is bad, but water leaks also can cause another significant problem – mold.”

“Ice dams are among the most common causes of water damage to homes,” said Peter Duncanson of ServiceMaster Restore. “Water damage itself is bad, but water leaks also can cause another significant problem – mold.” 

Duncanson, a 35-year veteran of disaster restoration, explained that mold can form quickly whenever moisture and organic materials combine. Wood, paper, fabric and dust all contribute to mold growth, and once mold is present, it will remain and grow until removed. 

Mold is a contributor to many long-term respiratory illnesses. It’s also destructive. Duncanson calls mold “nature’s recycling agent.” It devours every organic substance it contacts and is difficult to kill. It grows quickly, with the potential to double every 72 hours. 

Homeowners can help prevent water damage and mold by removing ice dams, but they should take caution. The temptation is to break the ice apart with a hammer or similar object, but removing ice by brute force can damage shingles and gutters, and working on roofs after a winter storm can be dangerous. A safer alternative is to call an expert who can remove the ice dam without causing damage and check for water intrusion. 

Professional remediation companies such as ServiceMaster Restore can remove ice dams without causing damage, and they have instruments to detect water and mold in hidden spaces. They will stop the leaking and repair any damage before it becomes severe. 

If you have questions about ice dam removal, visit or call 1-800-RESPOND. They will help you find a ServiceMaster franchisee near you. 

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