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2022 Restore Hero of the Year: Treysor Makaya


April 6, 2023


The Hero of the Year award recognizes a team member in a front-line or middle management position who embodies a strong commitment to service and who is considered a true role model among their teams.

Meet ServiceMaster Restore®’s Hero of the Year

Mark Rohlfing, John Tovar, Treysor Makaya, Chris & Sharon Jeter, & Greg Weller

Treysor Makaya makes it his mission, without being asked, to take new technicians under his wing and share his knowledge of the restoration industry. In October 2022, there were 22 mold jobs sold with customers waiting for the work to start and too few technicians to get the job done. Tre jumped in to work on location – two hours away from his family – for a few weeks. He led a team of two new team members – who had zero experience in mold remediation– and trained them within four days. The two team members Tre trained went on to complete the 22 mold remediation jobs in less than 90 days and passed the quality check with flying colors. Without Tre’s help and guidance, this wouldn’t have happened as effectively and quickly as it did. This is just one example of how Tre always puts the needs of his customer and the company ahead of his own. His remarkable patience, understanding and teaching abilities are a leading example among our brands.

Congratulations on being ServiceMaster Restore®’s Hero of the Year, Tre!

Check out this video to learn more on why Tre is our ServiceMaster Restore® Hero of the Year!