ServiceMaster Champions

Our employees are the most important factor in our success. ServiceMaster’s philosophy is to work together, foster mutual trust and respect, encourage open and honest communication, and promote employee involvement and initiative at all levels.

ServiceMaster is one company with many great brands. It's not so much what we do that sets our company apart, it's how we do it.

ServiceMaster’s history spans 86 years, and our culture is shaped by behaviors that define and connect us as individuals and as an organization. These behaviors are inclusive, representing all roles at ServiceMaster, and we strive to demonstrate these behaviors by holding each other accountable, and improving our individual and business performance.

Andrew Blue
IT Technical Specialist II
ServiceMaster Franchise Ops, IT

“Well-designed programs like the Merry Maids 360 Operating System enable our franchisees to operate more efficiently and effectively. I’m proud to contribute to helping affect change that will mean more success for our franchisees and for ServiceMaster.”

To label Andrew Blue a Champion of Change may be an understatement. Andrew recognized the value to both the company and our franchisees of achieving a successful roll out of the new Merry Maids 360 Operating System. Over the course of 12 months, Andrew volunteered to work every weekend to make that goal a reality. Thanks to his diligence and hard work, our Merry Maid franchisees were able to successfully integrate the new system into their businesses by the December 2014 completion date.

Melissa Witulski
Business Process Manager
Merry Maids

“What makes me excited about the work I do is the potential I have to make people better every day. When a training session or series is completed, my reward is seeing a motivated team ready to ‘take the wheel’ and drive their own success, confident in their ability to get the job done.”

Melissa Witulski matches her teaching style to the learning needs of trainees, whether they are new hires or seasoned members of the Merry Maids team. By taking time to ensure that key messages come across and are understood, Melissa does more than simply help fellow associates acquire the skills needed for the task at hand. She also helps them to build the confidence they need to achieve long-term success.

Jimmy Reed
Director of Customer Service
ServiceMaster Clean

“How prepared we are to respond to our partners’ requests has a direct impact on our ability to minimize disruptions in a home or a business. I am amazed by the willingness of our teams to work across functions and departments to achieve the best outcomes in the shortest amount of time.”

Jimmy Reed works across the ServiceMaster organization to educate, gain consensus and move teams to action. His outstanding communication skills enable him to interact effectively with the various functions and departments needed to get the job done. Jimmy’s early appraisal and rapid communication helped prepare team members to handle a sudden influx of leads from a national insurance account. The result was a win-win for both our franchisees and our insurance partner.