Company Purpose

At ServiceMaster, we’re committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and service that customers are proud to recommend to friends and family, and also building the best place to work and invest.

Part of our commitment lies in creating a workplace where all employees have an opportunity to perform their best, reach their potential and contribute to our success. Strong brands and passionate people – these are the building blocks to outperform the competition in each of our businesses.

All of this rests on our foundation – a set of behaviors that connects our rich heritage to a bright future and embeds an ethical culture and commitment to integrity and compliance. Our Code of Ethical Business Conduct isn’t just a set of policies; it’s a reflection of our company commitment to operate under the same set of priorities our company was built on:

  • Treating all of our customers, suppliers, employees and partners with respect and dignity.
  • Doing the right thing… all the time.
  • Being accountable… doing what we said we’d do, even if it means a follow-up visit to your home or business to get it right.

Our commitment to service doesn’t stop with our customers. It applies to our employees, too. Working together in an open, honest and candid environment where results matter creates the kind of winning culture that drives high performance, celebrates success, encourages innovation, and attracts and retains great talent.

We believe we’re on the right track… putting customers first, developing high-performing teams, cultivating a positive work environment and showing appreciation and respect for our employees. It’s what makes “We Serve” more than a slogan; in fact, it’s been our commitment for 85 years.

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