About Us

ServiceMaster is one company made up of many great brands, dedicated to simplifying and improving the quality of life for our customers. 

Company Mission

Our mission is to simplify and improve the quality of our customers’ lives. Our vision for ServiceMaster is we will be a rapidly growing, best-in-class service provider. We will be the best place to work and invest.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We Serve is a pledge our associates make every day to help ServiceMaster improve the experience we provide to our customers, become a better place to work and be a more responsible corporate citizen.

Executive Leadership

Our leadership is dedicated to rapidly growing the business by transforming the customer experience and developing high-performing, highly engaged, diverse teams.


ServiceMaster has come a long way since its incorporation in 1947. Founded as a moth-proofing company in 1929 by Marion E. Wade, a former minor league baseball player, ServiceMaster was started in Chicago.


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